Wedding! And Friday Freebie, of course.

Hello, people of the Earth!

It’s soon here. Our wedding! Only two weeks left, and lots of butterflies. 😀

Also, my vacation is FINALLY here. The last day I was like “Oh goooood, could these last two hours go any slower?”. They couldn’t. But, the first day of my vacation was super warm, super sunny and nice. We’ve come quite a bit on our company’s webpage, I think you guys will like it. :) It’s got my art on it!

I also bought a new soundcard today, for my computer. It’s been about two years of my sound going on and off, and about six months of no sound at all, so let’s just say, from a music addict’s point of view, it feels… pretty good.

Still looking for members for a design team for Opal Manor, people! Go on, don’t be shy, just show me some of your stuff and your interest, it would be awesome to have a design team to inspire everyone! Just mail me at

As we will be super busy the coming three weeks, there will probably not be any more digistamps for that period. At least, I won’t promise any regular Friday Freebies until we get back from our honeymoon in early august. But we’ll see, maybe I’ll post you a middle-of-the-week digistamp at some point, so do stay tuned in. 😉

This week’s Friday Freebie is a bit late, because yesterday was the last day at work and I just HAD to relax when I got home. But here it is, wedding themed, of course. 😉 Don’t forget to show me what you make of them!