Mmmm, pudding

I’ve made pudding for breakfast! Some kind of healthy, full-of-nuts-and-fruit kind of pudding made on oats. It’s really good, but it needs more taste, so next time I’ll add more cinnamon. Also, cream cheese worked really well with it. :) I think it’s a great breakfast that’ll keep me going until lunchtime.

I want to shout out a “thank you” to all of you who have donated money to Opal Manor! None of you asked to be mentioned on the webpage, but you know who you are; thank you! 😀 We’re working on a new donation system, called crowdfunding, and it’s a project I think you will enjoy. It’ll be up soon!

Today’s freebie is a cute little ship. Put a captain in it, maybe? :)

ship~Click the image to go to the download page!~

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