GameStop contest entry

Hello lovelies!

I hope you’re all having a great weekend. :) I’m resting my heck off! I finally got time to do some traditional art, something I haven’t done since early november. I really need to do that every day to keep my mood up. :) This particular piece is actually for a contest held by GameStop Sweden, and if you like it you can go give it a vote (a like) on their Facebook page. :) I would appreciate it a lot! The goal of the contest is to draw a cover for a game or a character from a game that is Playstation exclusive. This is Nariko from Heavenly Sword, made with watercolours. :) Have a nice day!



Some time off

You’ve probably all noticed that there hasn’t been any posts this week. Fear not, for I am not gone! :) However, this week I’ve had tonnes of things to do. Also I’ve been feeling quite bad, and things have felt rather “bleh” overall. So I decided to take a little break from drawing freebies. They’ll probably get going again next week. So, until then, you’ll have to make due with the 406 ones at hand. ;) Christmas is coming, so don’t forget to make all those lovely yule cards, and do send them to me; I love seeing what you make! :)

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

Here we go again

I never thought it would happen, but it has. Due to some chaotic time in our government since the election, what with the nationalistic party becoming so big and getting to overthrow the budget and stuff, we have to hold a new election in March. It’s absolutely ridicilous, and I’m super annoyed. But also very much in a fight-mode! The risk is now a bit too high for the nationalistic party to become our second biggest party, and I simply will not let that happen. So, me and the rest of the pirates are going to buckle up for another hefty ride! Hoist the sails! :)

Today’s freebie is a tiny sword. Fitting for, perhaps, a little knight’s card? :)



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Exercise day

I’m trying to get some daily exercise going. My plan is to walk to work, jog home, and on the days I don’t do so, do 30 minutes on the crosstrainer! :) Wish me luck! Now I’m going to get some food in my stomach. :D I leave you with this delicious freebie (I suddenly have this thing for apples. Yummy). It can be used for a lot of things, but certainly fits the Yule theme. :)



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Advent times

Advent in Sweden is the wait until Christmas. It starts on the fourth sunday before Christmas, and what you do is you have four candles put in a holder (often filled with moss and some fake mushrooms), and each sunday you light one more, until you can light them all and then it’s Christmas! It’s a very cozy tradition, which usually takes place during dark, early breakfasts. Me and Jim went to mom this sunday to celebrate the First of Advent, which we did by having saffron buns and shrimp sandwiches for breakfast with her. :) We try to do this every Advent sunday each year. It’s really nice! So here I’ve made a traditional looking Advent candle holder for you guys. :) Have a nice evening!



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A couple of nice examples of Advent candles. :)




Tomtenatta is what we call the one night of the year where our mall keeps extra hours open, with some extra deals. :) I always felt opening hours in swedish malls are really bad. They’re always open when you’re at work! How is it in where you guys are?

I guess you noticed I didn’t put up a digi yesterday. This is because right now I’m having a heapload of things to do, and lots on my mind, which means some nights I come home, and have one or two hours before bedtime. It’s been crazy, and still is. We’re moving our workshop, I’m working extra hours for my colleague, and so on and so forth. In other words, some days I simply won’t have the time to give you a freebie! Just so you know. :)

Today’s freebie is a snow version of the popular rain girl. This is snow girl! Have a great evening folks. :)



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Big fluffy jumper

I bought a big, fluffy, knitted jumper today. It’s huge! And very pink. I’ve been looking for something just like this (well perhaps not this kind of pink but it’s kinda cute) forever. It’s super cozy. :D So now I’m going to coze away the rest of the night. Have a good one!

Today’s freebie is a set of butterfly silhouettes. :)



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There was sunshine yesterday

There was actual sunlight for almost an entire hour! :D Seriously, this time of year is sooo dark. Clouds all the time, and the sun sets at around 2.30 pm now. Therefor, when the sun’s rays were peeking in through the windows yesterday, I went out for a walk, and sat in the sun for a whole of 15 minutes before it set and I went to buy toilet paper instead. I’m longing for summer! What’s the weather like where you’re at? :)

Today’s freebie is the sun peeking up behind the waves. ;)



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Awesome dinner!

We had the best dinner in a long time tonight. Spiced rice, ajvar sausage, tzatziki and fresh coriander. Sooooo yummmyyyy. And all my own improvisation. :D So now I’m going to go into weekend-mode, maybe check out some movie, and have some ice cream. You guys have an awesome night, and I leave you with this coloured version of yesterday’s digi! :)



Outing to the mall

Me and Jim went to one of our big malls for a bit of an afternoon outing today. :) We found a little taco truck there (yes, in the mall), where Jim fell in love with these little tacos with coriander and chipotle in them. I really do love chipotle and coriander, but I have this big problem with pulled meat. I’ve had a problem with meat for quite a while, and I spent about a year being vegetarian because of it, but now I’m just sensitive. We were served lamb at work today, which has a very  “meaty” taste in my book, so the pulled chicken was a bit too much for one day :( But, nonetheless, the sauce and coriander was… awesome! Then we went around window shopping :) Lovely!

Today’s freebie is a nice hibiscus flower; one of my favourite flowers! :D



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