Autumn is coming

It’s getting really cold now. But the sun is out, the leaves are yellow and red, and it’s really quite nice. Except when it’s raining and windy, of course.

I just consumed a bowl of ramen and kimchi (real, pickled kimchi for once). Spicy and nice! Now it’s relax time until bedtime. I leave you with this cutie ghost being blown away by autumn winds!



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Waddling Dead

That’s what autocorrect on my phone seems to want to write instead of Walking Dead. It looks hilarious! I’m imagining the zombies, waddling along the streets. Teeeheee. Now I’m going to waddle off to the kitchen and make dinner. :D

Today’s freebie started out as a quirky smiley dude, but turned into a quirky smiley baby, I think. :)



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That was a scare

So we saved the server. At least for now. The shellshock bug is a real scare, I must say, with so many computers affected (basically all Linux based systems are in danger). Let’s hope it stays fixed! :)

Today I spent a couple of hours in the mall, painting children’s faces. :) There was a lot of butterflies and Spidermans made. I love doing it, but 3.5 hours was a bit too long for my back. :/ At least I got to bring home some candy. ;)

Today’s freebie is a cool guitar! Rock on!



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So we had to do a complete server reinstall because of susceptibility to something called the shellshock bug. This is why we were offline for several hours. Sorry about that. We’re now back up and running and should get back to the normal schedule tomorrow.

Now I need to go have a beer. Several hours in panic mode does that to me. ;)

Some site changes

Hi folks!

Time for a little site update. I’m doing some maintenance and one thing I’ve noticed is the Forum isn’t being used. Because of this I’m going to deactivate it. It’ll still be there so if a need for a Forum arises in the future I can simply restore it.

I’m also removing the link to the IndieGoGo campaign. It didn’t reach its goal but it got us far enough to make some improvements! I’m not going to spoil anything. Annie will share the details about how we’ll be using the $535(!) you guys so generously donated. :)

In the coming weeks I’ll also be making some small changes to the code of the site. You shouldn’t notice anything but there might be a few minutes of interrupted service here and there. If you can’t load the site for more than 5 minutes, drop us a line on Facebook or on


Please, give it to us! The only way for us to improve Opal Manor significantly is for you guys to give us feedback. Tell us when we do something good. Also tell us if we do something bad. It’s the only way we know what to change to make Opal Manor better!

We would also love to see what you make of our pictures. There are thousands of downloads every month but we see very few examples of how things are used. Send a picture of stuff you make to


Come together with your hands!

Hehehe. I’m listening to Spoonman on Spotify. I’m not sure what the song is really about, but… come on. Spoonman! How awesome does that not sound? I need to get another cat just to call it Spoonman.

Today’s freebie is a darling little jellyfish. :)



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Chocolate and Pear tea

Yes. There is tea with taste of chocolate and pear. It’s fantastic! Seriously, if you want to get off candy and sweets, start drinking tea (no sugar of course). There’s like Blueberry Muffin, Pear/Chocolate, Raspberry, Vanilla… the list goes on, and it’s sooo good. Hot tip. :)

Today’s freebie is another addition to the Geek section. Say hello to Batty! ;) I didn’t fill in the black parts, because who knows, you might want to make a pink one. :D



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Going back to work

Enough of this sick thing! The sinusitis gave way during the night and with some help of medicine, so I guess it wasn’t very serious. :) Tomorrow I’m going to work again, because I’m stubborn like that. Unfortunately I think it’s Jim’s turn to get sick now. :( We’ll see. Either way, the sun has been shining, a nice autumny feeling coming on, and soon my favourite holiday! :D This time it will be spent at Comic Con in Stockholm! Hooray!

Today’s freebie is another cutie ghost, this one has a sweet tooth. :)



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Metalstep, sinusitis and chocolate

It seems I’ve caught a case of sinusitis. My entire face hurts. It’s a bit like having a headache, but in your face. On the bright side, I get to rest and eat chocolate. :D I’ve also kept watching The Walking Dead. It’s a really weird series, I must say, with twists and turns at every corner. But I like it, I really do! :) If you have a hard time handling gore, though, by all means stay away.

Now I’m going to settle down for the night with a cup of tea. Today’s freebie is a sassy, confident, curvy lady. Enjoy!



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Resting day

90% of this day was spent in bed. But Jim baked lemon curd cupcakes, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. :) They’re awesome. Jim is awesome. What’s less awesome is that I’m still really sick, but at least now I can breathe again. I spent some time marathon watching The Walking Dead, which I’ve heard both good and bad reviews of. So far it’s really good, very different from most zombie flicks (I can’t say zombie series, there haven’t been any as far as I know to compare it to). Certainly not for kids, but it’s more about drama, relations and tough choices than jumpy moments of fear. I do recommend it. :)

Today’s freebie is inspired by a sign given to me by Jim. I have it hanging on my desk lamp. :)



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