Johnny Hollow

Johnny Hollow is an awesome band. Just so you know. You can find them on Spotify if you have that, otherwise go here to listen to some awesome, atmospheric music. :) I always said they’re like Tim Burton in music form. Check it out! :)

Nothing much has happened the past week. We went to a meeting with local politicians to discuss how we’re going to make politics more interesting and living for non-politicians. It didn’t give a whole lot, but it’s always nice to meet people. Does anyone of you have a political interest? :)

Easter is coming up! Yaaay! Any cool plans this year? Or just chillin’ at home? :) Myself I’m going with Jim to dinner at mom’s. Although I hope to be able to have the Easter dinner at my place soon. I love being a hostess! :) Anyway, this week’s bunch of freebies is of course very Easter inspired. The little girl is a Påskkärring. I don’t know if that concept exists outside Scandinavia (do tell me if it does!). It is called an Easter Hag in english. These hags are mostly just about dressing up kids to go ask for candy (like at Halloween), really cute. Here’s a photo of what they can look like in real life. :) They’re really cute.










Connectivity Issues

Hi guys.

We’ve been having some connectivity issues the last week and I’ve not been able to pinpoint the source of the problem. Our ISP demands a silly dance for them before they will escalate the matter to the level where they actually check if anything is wrong on their side (yes, really. They won’t even check their logs until the customer does a long list of things). To do this I would need to disconnect the server that runs Opal Manor for a whole day, needless to say that I’m not thrilled with this.

It might come to this but in the mean while I hope you guys have patience while I try some more things to find out where the source of the trouble is. If we need to take Opal Manor offline for a day there will be information here and on the Facebook page (

IF YOU CAN’T CONNECT to opal manor: Try again in a few minutes. The problem symptom is that our internet connections goes down for between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. I’ve not been able to get how frequently this happens so if you want to help, please send us a mail or answer this post with the time you experienced any problems reaching the site.

Again, we’re really sorry about this and doing everything we can to fix it.

Closing in on Easter

Yay! I love Easter. It gives me spring feelings. Although it is snowing today, the past week has been sunny and warm, and flowers popping up everywhere!

Yesterday we went to the movies and saw Insurgent. :D I’ve longed for it for a year. It was good, but as with all trilogies, the second movie is often just transportation. Looking forward to the last movie! I hope they don’t split it in two though…. #HungerGames #HarryPotter #forcryingoutloud

We also just finished our annual meeting for our local Pirate Party. :) This year will be full of fun, with a slightly new board as well. No matter how heavy politics can be, I think I’m an addict, haha. I’ll never stop!

This week’s freebie bunch is easter and spring inspired. The flower is a crocus flower, one of the very first to pop up here during spring. When it comes, you know spring is here! It comes in purple, yellow and white, and they’re really pretty. :)










I got a wand!

Argh! The Harry Potter geek in me got the bestest present ever last weekend. Jim gave me a handmade (one-of-a-kind) wand, Harry Potter style! More precisely, Hufflepuff style. :) It’s soooo cool, and sooo pretty, and I really want to go to some convention or dressup party or something so that I can wear it. It even comes with a holster! :D I have the bestest husband. <3


My wand. :D

Spring is finally coming on. Sunshine, temperature on the plus side of the centigrade marker, and flowers popping up here and there. How’s the weather where you are? :) Spring coming yet? Unless you’re in Australia, I guess, then you’re waiting for winter now. I don’t feel envious of you. I love spring and Easter and summertime! :D

Here comes this week’s freebie bunch. Some Harry Potter geekery in it. Also, I came across this lovely article at Useless Trinkets. It’s so awesome to see my digis being used, and words like that warm my heart! :) I really like what she did with the monkey too. ;) So I’ve made another monkey as thanks! Ook!

monkie2 gentlemanspider







Brownies and cheesedoodles

Yes! I am that unhealthy this weekend. :D I don’t often eat cheesedoodles and chips and that sort of things, but I had this cheesedoodle craving yesterday and gave in. Omnomnomnom!

I hope you’re all having a great weekend. Myself, I’m spending it doing some web design and drawing. :) Here’s this week’s bunch of freebies! As you can perhaps tell, I like monsters. ;) These particular monsters were inspired by, and named by Jim. :D

freshshowers campfire pot mrsquidworth mrfeef

Finally some rest!

Like I told you, we’ve had this big thing at work where they come and check out your work and then, if it’s good enough, the company gets a certification. We passed! With flying colours too. :) So now I should be back on schedule, and back in relaxed mode, I hope.

Nothing much going on this weekend. We’re going to try redecorating our living room again, this time to enable some hobby work in the form of filming YouTube videos! :) We’ve already bought a greenscreen (blue cloth :P ). So that’ll be fun! I hope you guys will have an awesome weekend. Here’s this week’s bunch o’ freebies! I made the “wigs” of two very beloved film characters, so that maybe you can put your, or someone else’s, face in it. ;)

monkie annahair elsahair birdies robot

Sick again

What the actual…?? I got sick again. This time stomach flu, yaaay! Although after two days it seems to be gone. The appetite isn’t on the highest of levels, but it’s ok. Apart from that, things are quite good. :) Seems spring is coming along pretty well already, what with most of the snow gone (for now) and that we’ve stayed above 0 degrees celcius pretty much every day. Looking forward to seeing all the pretty little flowers popping up! :D

Here comes this week’s set of freebies. Don’t forget to mail me your creations, I’d love to see what you make. :) You can also post them on Opal Manor’s Facebook group if you want. Have a nice one, folks!












Valentine’s day

We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day, but I like to think of it as a cute little holiday in the midst of all the anguish in the world. I like pink, and hearts, and chocolate. I even received a rose from my boss today. :) It’s my grandmother’s birthday tomorrow, so we’ll spend most of Valentine’s day (or eve) there, eating dinner and having a nice time. :) Do you guys have any plans?

I know it’s a bit late to make Valentine digistamps now, but there’s another year next year, and hearts should be spread every day anyway. :) So here’s a bunch of Valentine inspired freebies. Have a nice weekend!







mrbeevalentine vday-sentiment



Sooo sick

Yep. I finally had to give in to this being sick thing. Oh well, it’s a work hazard, I guess. This week nothing much has happened except me getting increasingly ill, so I can’t really tell you any awesome stories, hehehe. What have you guys been up to? :)

This week’s freebies coming up!







brush crossbones