So much stuff and an Ankh

I know, I know, there haven’t been freebies for a few days now. I’m sorry! First I had a million things to do, then I turned sick again, this time in the throat. I felt like a wreck. Also, since we’re almost finished with the CNC (omg! :D), my table has been so cluttered with electronic stuff that I’ve had to stretch my arms across it to even reach the keyboard. In other words, it’s been almost impossible for me to get a freebie out there. But now I’m ok, and the table is cleaned up, and even though I have a million things to do I’ve still made a few freebies for you guys now. ;)

So there’s been work, and there’s been politics and campaigning, and there’s been building stuff, and there’s been haircut, and so ooooon. Lots of stuff, most of them fun in some way or another. My hair was apparently very torn. :-/ So now my blue tips are trimmed! I also discovered a new series with Ricky Gervais on Netflix; it’s called Extras. Very funny, but not for those who dislike embarressing things. ;) I really love Ricky G. My favourite episode so far is with Kate Winslet, playing as herself, giving advice on dirty phone sex.

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Today’s freebie is a contribution to the Spiritual category. This is the egyptian Ankh sign. :)



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The days are very long

Despite it getting darker, my days are getting longer, with more and more to do each day. Only three more weeks left, then I can rest for a bit. :) Until then, steam on!

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Today’s freebie is a nice cup of warming coffee and a little cupcake to go with it. :)



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CNC on the way!

So today we started on the electronics for the CNC. It’s certainly going places! What I learnt today was that even I can cut cords properly, and that soldering varies between being “Bob’s your uncle!” and “Nuclear science would be easier”. Fun, nonetheless, I love seeing stuff melt. Mwuahahahahhahaha!

After an awesome dinner of kimchi ramen (noodles) with mushrooms, pak choi, leeks and celery, I’m definitely ready for bed. Oh, I just have to mention the absolutely fantastic lasagna we made yesterday! With celery, in fact, and carrots. Home made bechamel sauce, and a bolognese that had boiled for an hour. We put some parmiggiano on it, and boom! Amazing.

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Today’s freebie is a decorative couple of acorns.



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Ball night

Yesterday we went to the Sci-Fi Book Shop’s 30th anniversary ball! In the Nordic Museum in Stockholm! I can’t stop using exclamation marks! Seriously, though, it was amazing. Not only the environment (it’s a huge castle-like building in the middle of Stockholm) but also the people. Cosplayers everywhere! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to finish my costume in time, so I wore “the little black dress” instead. :) I’m saving my Portal dress for the upcoming Comic Con in Stockholm. Which is also awesome! I’ll show you guys pictures from the ball soon enough, but not tonight, because I really need to go eat now, haha!

I must also mention the fact that me and Jim are building our own CNC cutter. How cool is that? It’s almost done, just a few more carpentry things, then some electronics, and then boom! Let the creating ensue. I’ll show you a picture of that as well in a few days. :)

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Today’s freebie is a cool tattoo of a howling wolf. Aaaooouuuuuh!



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It is not my birthday

It’s not! I am however apparently going to receive a late birthday present. :D I’ve been told it’s arriving on wednesday or thursday. Exciting!

Life is very, very, very hectic right now. We have the national election coming up on the 14th of september, and I’m one of the electables in this municipality as well as in the county. That means I have a lot of campaigning to take care of, and tons of questions to answer. I’m going to try my best to keep you supplied with digistmaps, but as we get closer to the 14th, I’m afraid I’m going to have to skip a few days here and there. I’ll try to make up for it afterwards! :)

Considering my late birthday present, today’s freebie is a birthday bunny. Although this one kan’t spel! ;)



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Full day

This was certainly a full day. First, work, then meeting and… an unexpected debate! All of which rather interesting, though rather tiring, so I’m not going to write the longest post today. ;) I do want to brag about Jim, though! We’re building our own CNC machine, and today he prepared almost all the pieces for us to put together! They aren’t screwed together yet, but when you put them on top of each other they look just like a working machine. So cool! That’s my hubby. :)

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Today’s freebie is the beer I just drank (it wasn’t this big though). Cheers!



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New desk

Yesterday we went to buy me a new desk. :) It’s huge! I can fit both computer screens on it, as well as both my work lamps and art supplies. :D Fabulous.

Apart from that I managed to get an ill stomach last night, so I’m home from work today. :( Which is also why you guys didn’t recieve any freebie yesterday! I was too busy leaning over the toilet… Sorry about that.

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Today’s freebie is one of those old, big computers. :) I thought it was a bit… cute.


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I love colouring my hair. I’ve now had pink, dark pink, and blue, so now I’m going to try… blue and pink! Hehehe.

Today nothing much is happening. Going out for a bit soon, and then we’re off to a meeting with our party members. :) Maybe, just maybe, we’re going to buy a special something… if we do, I’ll post pictures of it tomorrow. ;)

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Today’s freebie is about as geeky as it gets. If you haven’t seen Doctor Who, go do it now! It’s available on Netflix. :)



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Yaaay, friday! I always love fridays, even if the week hasn’t been bad. And it hasn’t! I bought a guitar for our preschool, only to discover the strings were so crap I can’t tune it. Really, really weird. We’ll see what I can do about it on monday. :)

I have this really awesome idea for a painting, and my fingers are itching to start it, so I’m going to hop away to my art desk to do some sketching. :) In the meantime, check out our campaign, unless you’ve already done so! I need some help funding new equipment, and there are rewards for you if you contribute. ;) So far I’ve received a little over a third of my goal, which is fantastic, big thanks to all who have contributed! Find it here.

Today’s freebie is a cute little girl carrying a flower. I really think it looks like she’s standing in someone’s doorway, greeting them with a flower, so I decided to call it just that; Greeting. :)



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Oh my god, I bought chinos

I never thought I’d buy chinos, because I’ve always felt they looked aweful. But now, I think they’re cool, and relaxed, and sooo comfy. So I bought me a pair of greyish beige ones. :)

At the moment I’m preparing to do some just-for-fun art, while Jim is fixing my mom’s computer. There was a thunderstorm a few days ago where lightning burnt (literally) three holes inside it. I’m just glad their house didn’t burn down! :( Scary stuff, although I normally love lightning and thunder.

Big thanks to everyone who contributed so far in our campaign! To those of you who haven’t seen it, go check out the funny (and weird) videos of me and Jim, talking about the campaign, and help me fund some equipment while getting some great rewards for it! :) Find it here.

Today’s freebie is my nightmare. Need I say more?



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