New router!

Hello folks. We just went and bought a new router which we are installing right now. This means that there will be a downtime for up to 6 hours! :( That sucks of course, but the bright side is that the new router will help keeping Opal Manor running smoothly. :)

So until then, have a great night!

Fancy breakfast in Estonia

No digistamps this week. Sorry! Annie and I are on cruise ship soon arriving in Tallinn, Estonia. A friend invited us on this trip and didn’t spare any expenses. We are living like we’re royal!

Now we’re going to continue enjoying this breakfast buffet. Ya’ll have a nice weekend and we’ll be back with a new set of freebies in one week.

Young Dracula

I’ve rediscovered a youth series from Britain: Young Dracula! It’s ridiculously funny. 😀 And I’m way too old for it, but it doesn’t matter, haha! What series are you guys watching? :)

I’m having a long weekend this week. It’s awesome. Yesterday we were at mom’s, cooked her some honey chicken, had rhubarb pie and played games. It’s good to spend a couple of days just hanging around. I also sewed me a skirt, which turned out too long and and too wide, but I think I can fix that! :) It’s going to become a maxi dress one day. 😉 Do you guys like sewing?

This week’s bunch of freebies coming right up!











In my attempt to become a better artist, I’m trying to do a sketch-a-day. That means, making one sketch every day. I’m not very disciplined, but I try, heheh. Anyway, I was quite happy with this one, so I thought I’d show it to you guys. :) What do you think? It’s regular markers on regular paper, and I really like skulls! 😀


Omg, spring is totally here!

It is so waaarrrmm outside! And flowers everywhere! Wonderful. *squee*

Today me and Jim went to a mall where a group of electronics/programming enthusiasts were showing off some stuff for kids. I really like when people are passionate about something, especially something so important as understanding how the world around us works. :) It was all volunteer work as well, which adds to the niceness! We talked to a guy there, and Jim might help them doing some volunteer work. Not quite my area of expertise, but it’s an important subject indeed!


I was trying to make an example of a game UI (user interface) yesterday. Check it out! :) I’m pretty satisfied with it, fantasy genre and all. I put it up in an indie game developer group for criticism, and thought I’d put it here for your criticism too. :) What do you think?

And here’s this week’s bunch of freebies, this time inspired by the written word and poetry! The “Do not go gentle” sentiment is from this poem, and I heard in the movie Interstellar. It’s absolutely awesome, go read it!
Have a nice weekend, all. :)











Yay! Yesterday was Valborg, or Bonfire Night. :) Usually it is celebrated with a huge bonfire, but we skipped that this year, in favour of a game night with friends. It was awesome! We had food, wine, and we played so many games. Munchkin was first, then Cards Against Humanity, a music game (weird but awesome!) and then we tried out a Terry Pratchett boardgame. It was absolutely lovely, and I was so exhausted afterwards from all the laughter and gaming. Superb. :)

Today has been spent taking it slow. I went up, watched a movie, made some food, went back to sleep, watched another movie, ate more food… And soon we’re off to go to the movies! :) Hehehe. We’re watching “Avengers: Age of Ultron” this time. Wee!

So take care, folks, and here’s this week’s bunch of freebies!










New hairdye

I love dyeing my hair in many colours. Not all of it, I usually dye the tips, or the underside. This time, the underside has been turned deep purple! My tips are still turquoise, which gives a really cool effect. :) If you feel like dyeing your hair, I can really recommend the brand Directions. No ammonia, lovely colours, and quite cheap too. :) It’s semi permanent, though, so you’re gonna have it for a while.

Summer is coming up, and last week the freebie bunch was beach inspired. This time, they’re camping inspired! I’m hoping to go camping some time this summer. :) You guys have any plans for summer yet?










I really want summer now

I’m really looking forward to sunny days where you only need to put on shoes and your sunglasses before you go outside, going for an icecream while listening to the birds singing. :) Can’t wait! It’s looking good though, the sun is out most of the time with temperature almost reaching over 10 degrees celcius. We’re getting there! Therefor, this week’s bunch of freebies are summer inspired. 😀










International Boardgame Day!

Today is the International Boardgame Day. So everyone, bring out your Monopolies, your Chessgames and your Othellos! Order some pizza and have a great day with some friends and family! :) Over here, we’re going to play the best boardgame ever tonight: Munchkin. You must check it out if you like humour. 😀

So, while I’m off to go get some goodies from the store for tonight, here’s this week’s bunch of summery freebies! 😀



palmtree princesswig princewig dandelion

Happy Easter!

We just came back from an awesome easter dinner at mom’s. :) Great as usual. We skipped the regular easter food and instead had cheese and ham pie. Om nom nom! And some pickled herring of course. Can’t skip that.

This week was tough but fun. We had a masquerade at work last monday, which was great! I was a pirate. Somehow the kids thought I looked like a dragon. That’s way cooler though, so it’s fine. On thursday we had easter lunch for the kids, always great (but messy)! What did you guys do for easter? :)

As you might have noticed we’ve had some troubles with the connection, that sometimes you couldn’t get contact with Opal Manor. We think the problems are solved now, but if you notice that the connection goes bad again, please notify us so we can try to fix it!

Here comes this week’s bunch of freebies! Enjoy, and don’t forget to poooost what you make! E-mail it to me or something, I’d love to see it. :)  Maybe put something that’s popping out of that cracked egg…? Toodeloo!







littleflower crackedegg