Nothing new really

Life just rolls on. I had to work extra today, so I’m really tired now. I think I might go out for an evening walk though. :)

Today’s freebie is a rain of candy! Suitable for basically anything, because candy is awesome.



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I can never get enough of pumpkins

I’m serious. I’d love to have a pumpkin patch outside my door. I’d make Jack-o-lanterns all year through.

Today was a long day, and it became even longer because I was kept up half the night by this thunderstorm which was completely weird. For the past month it’s been around 5-10 degrees celcius during the days, but last night, at 1 am, it was suddenly 13. And along with it came thunder and lightning, very very frightening! Hehe, not really, but I think that, along with it being sunday night, helped keeping me away from sleep. So now is bedtime. :)

Until then, here’s a super sexy pumpkin lady! Because, like I said, I can’t get enough of pumpkins.



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School photography

Today we had some (pre)school photography done at work. The kids were really good, but as always it gets a bit chaotic when something new is going on, and they don’t get to go outside to play all morning. But I think the photos turned out nice. :) The photographer is really good, he even makes us teachers laugh out loud. I guess that happens when you still have the child within you. :D Wee!

Today’s freebie is also Halloween themed. :)



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Halloween is coming up

And it’s the best holiday ever! Unfortunately I rarely get an opportunity to really celebrate it. :/ This year, though, we’re going to a party! I’m going as a Pumpkin Queen. :D That’s why today’s freebie is a Pumpkin Princess chibi. Not that my dress will look like this, but it’s still cute. :)



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Work, meeting new pirates, and woodworking

Today was loooong. First I went to work, of course. Nice day, although you really notice on the kids when it’s monday. :/ Lovely bunch, anyhow. Then me and Jim went to meet up this new Pirate Party member who wanted to get to know some folks. Really nice guy! :) It’s always nice when more people get involved and engaged in things. After that we went to do some woodworking. We spent almost four hours doing it, ending up making a (simple) table, and doing a lot of work on the new (large) CNC. I also did some cleaning up in our work area. :) So now I’m quite tired, and going to munch on some noodles before bed. Omnomnomnom!

Today’s freebie is actually part of a sketch for another image, but I thought this dude looked so cool I wanted to share him with you. Here is at least my first pirate anglerfish (such awesome animals)! Look at him smirking. Arr.

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Hop in and join the ride!

If you saw my last (short) post about supporting a certain Thunderclap, you might have understood that I’m supporting carpooling. :) In this particular case, it’s a group on Facebook where people offer, or ask for, rides to places all over Sweden. It’s a large group, and I think it’s fantastic to see people help out so much, while taking care of the environment and their own economy. If anyone of you is interesting in starting a similar initiative, this organization is well established and would love to cooperate with organizations all over the world! Check out their webpage here (in Swedish), or contact me or Jim and we’ll get you in touch with the right person. :)

Today’s freebie is inspired by the whole “collective travelling” thing. Meet Buster the Bus. :)



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Result of IndeGoGo campaign

Hi guys!

First of all, Annie and I would like to wholeheartedly thank you all for your support! It’s been amazing to see the ticker increase during the campaign and even though we didn’t reach the goal, the amount we did collect will help out a lot! Here’s what we’ve done so far with the money.

We bought some parts and cannibalized some parts from other computers in the home, including Annies old computer, and joined them together into a new, faster computer. Now she can work almost lag free. Next month we’ll be buying a few parts that will bring back her old computer to life. At that point I will be installing Linux and a webserver on it and begin the process of hardening it (that’s geek for making it safer against web attacks). It’ll still won’t be ready to use as a server because the case for that computer is huge and we have no room for it where we won’t be bothered by the constant humming. In december we’ll be buying a new case where I will mount the server and then you’ll have about a days downtime as I move the site to the new server as well as do some minor changes to the site.

Our goal was to buy a new server computer but since we didn’t reach the goal we had to improvise a bit. I’m sure in the end I got us the most bang for the buck! :)

P.S. If you haven’t received your reward for supporting us yet, please drop us a line on and we’ll get you sorted out right away.


Going to bed early

Well, I guess it’s not very early anymore. It’s 9.45 pm here, but it’s earlier than usual. I have opening hours tomorrow, you see, so I need to get up bright and early. :) Or, dark and early as it is closing in on winter. After work tomorrow, me and Jim are getting some materials to go do some woodworking! :D You’ll see some images later. ;)

So, I bid you goodnight, and leave you with this little monster, who goes travelling. Because I want to go travel too. Rawr.



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