Resting day

90% of this day was spent in bed. But Jim baked lemon curd cupcakes, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. :) They’re awesome. Jim is awesome. What’s less awesome is that I’m still really sick, but at least now I can breathe again. I spent some time marathon watching The Walking Dead, which I’ve heard both good and bad reviews of. So far it’s really good, very different from most zombie flicks (I can’t say zombie series, there haven’t been any as far as I know to compare it to). Certainly not for kids, but it’s more about drama, relations and tough choices than jumpy moments of fear. I do recommend it. :)

Today’s freebie is inspired by a sign given to me by Jim. I have it hanging on my desk lamp. :)



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Aaaaand I am sick

A lot as well. :( Thank goodness for it being friday! And with that being said, I’m now leaving you with this freebie, and going to have a cup of tea. Have a nice weekend! Annie out.




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Getting sick again

Nooo! I hate being sick. It takes up such precious time and energy. I’ll just go make a cup of tea and hope for the best! At least today had good weather. :) Now I’m going to bed. Goodnight!

Today’s freebie is a pair of basketball shoes. Get running!



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The digistamps are back on track

Aaaand we’re back in business. :) Today was a rather good day at work, although time went unusually slow. We did some redecoration in the playground, and now it’s a lot cozier. After work we went shopping for some food, since we’re having an autumn dinner with friends on saturday. :D It’s going to be awesome. I’m not going to give away the menu just yet, but you’ll see afterwards. ;)

Today’s freebie is a couple of angels hugging! Because this world needs, now more than ever, love, care, understanding and peace.



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Election is over

… and we didn’t get any places in the municipality. :( I’m not very proud to say so, but it seems the nationalist (racist) party is getting more popular, and got 4 places in the municipality, and 13% of all the votes in the country. :( It’s a sad day. I really thought they wouldn’t really make as much as last time, but… I guess people’s ego and fear has gotten too strong. Especially since it’s not just a Swedish phenomenon right now, it’s happening in all of Europe. One day we’ll fight it!

Anyway, the election campaign has kept me incredibly busy the past week, which is why I’ve made almost no digistamps. I hope you understand, I came home late every day, almost falling asleep stepping through the door. However, the digistamps should start dropping in this week, and those of you who still have rewards from the Opal Manor Indiegogo campaign to get, you will get them soon! :) I haven’t forgotten anyone. Also, since the campaign is over now, I want to say a huge:

Thank you!

It has meant so much to me. :)

I won’t give you a digistamp today I’m afraid, but tomorrow there should be one waiting for you guys. ;)

Stay creative!

Campaigning afternoon

Today I went to the city centre to do some campaigning straight after work. It was nice, I met some people from other parties, and got some papers handed out. :) Tomorrow we’re going at it again, this time a few more of us, with some more interesting stuff to be handed out. ;) Now awaits some Aztec Chili Chocolate Ice Cream, and some 9Gag with Jim. :D

Today’s freebie is a little early, but I just felt a bit… halloweeny.


CNC is ready!

It actually happened: we finished the CNC! Apart from a few little details, like how some things are fastened and so on, but it works, and it cuts stuff. :) If you don’t know what a CNC is, it’s a machine that can carve pictures in different materials, or cut them out (somewhat like a Cricut, but cooler), from paper, plastic, acrylic, metal, wood… and so on. Which we built. From wood, parts of a scanner, parts of a cd reader and a drawer. Unfortunately I only have one picture for you to see right now, but I’ll upload more later, and perhaps even a video where I show how I use it. :) Oh, and it’s called Fronkonsteen I (from here. Hilarious!). Picture below. :)

Apart from finishing that, we had a lovely dinner night at mom’s place. Nobody cooks like mom, eh? :) We did some playing guitar, singing, eating more stuff, looking at the stars… It was great. We just got home, actually, and tomorrow awaits a day of arting, throwing some stuff (we’re going through everything at home) and going to Sigtuna. :) Perhaps I’ll have some nice pictures from there for you as well, it’s a very nice place!

Today’s freebie is in the Geek section, with the amazing Spidey!



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~Fronkonsteen I~


This is indeed a crazy time for us right now. A little over a week left until the election, and we’re in the midst of campaigning. It’s rather heavy work to do, but it’s fun. :) Just so you kow, I haven’t forgotten about you guys, it’s just so crazy busy right now that as soon as I’m not doing anything, I fall asleep walking, haha! But it’s certainly worth it, because as you know, politics is part of everyone’s lives, and we should all be engaged in it. :)

Anyway, for those of you who haven’t seen the campaign, go do! It has funny videos and great rewards, and it’s going really well! Find it here.

Today’s freebie goes to the Spiritual collection as well (I think it’s the last for a bit). :)



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Cardamom hazelnuts

I bought these hazelnuts covered with some white chocolate and a gazillion tonnes of cardamom. I absolutely adore cardamom, and I love hazeluts, so that was a perfect match. A lot better than the satay noodles I made for dinner. I had to pour all the soup out and put some sweet and sour sauce on top instead, because it tasted so bad. I think kimchi noodles are the only ones I really like nowadays. :-/ Who would have thunk? Me, picky with noodles, of all things.

The campaign is going well, now with 535 USD contributed! It is absolutely awesome, and I thank you all so much. :) In case you contribute, and the Thank You mail doesn’t arrive straight away, don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten you, I’m just a bit short of time right now. ;) Everyone will get their rewards, I promise! If you haven’t checked it out yet, do it here. :)

Today’s freebie is also a spiritual one, in a sense. Although, us atheists use to say, “Atheism is just as much a religion as a bald head is a hairdo”. :)



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So much stuff and an Ankh

I know, I know, there haven’t been freebies for a few days now. I’m sorry! First I had a million things to do, then I turned sickĀ again, this time in the throat. I felt like a wreck. Also, since we’re almost finished with the CNC (omg! :D), my table has been so cluttered with electronic stuff that I’ve had to stretch my arms across it to even reach the keyboard. In other words, it’s been almost impossible for me to get a freebie out there. But now I’m ok, and the table is cleaned up, and even though I have a million things to do I’ve still made a few freebies for you guys now. ;)

So there’s been work, and there’s been politics and campaigning, and there’s been building stuff, and there’s been haircut, and so ooooon. Lots of stuff, most of them fun in some way or another. My hair was apparently very torn. :-/ So now my blue tips are trimmed! I also discovered a new series with Ricky Gervais on Netflix; it’s called Extras. Very funny, but not for those who dislike embarressing things. ;) I really love Ricky G. My favourite episode so far is with Kate Winslet, playing as herself, giving advice on dirty phone sex.

Go check out the campaign, in case you haven’t! There is a couple of rather funny videos to watch, and some great rewards if you contribute. :) Find it here!

Today’s freebie is a contribution to the Spiritual category. This is the egyptian Ankh sign. :)



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