Big fluffy jumper

I bought a big, fluffy, knitted jumper today. It’s huge! And very pink. I’ve been looking for something just like this (well perhaps not this kind of pink but it’s kinda cute) forever. It’s super cozy. :D So now I’m going to coze away the rest of the night. Have a good one!

Today’s freebie is a set of butterfly silhouettes. :)



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There was sunshine yesterday

There was actual sunlight for almost an entire hour! :D Seriously, this time of year is sooo dark. Clouds all the time, and the sun sets at around 2.30 pm now. Therefor, when the sun’s rays were peeking in through the windows yesterday, I went out for a walk, and sat in the sun for a whole of 15 minutes before it set and I went to buy toilet paper instead. I’m longing for summer! What’s the weather like where you’re at? :)

Today’s freebie is the sun peeking up behind the waves. ;)



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Awesome dinner!

We had the best dinner in a long time tonight. Spiced rice, ajvar sausage, tzatziki and fresh coriander. Sooooo yummmyyyy. And all my own improvisation. :D So now I’m going to go into weekend-mode, maybe check out some movie, and have some ice cream. You guys have an awesome night, and I leave you with this coloured version of yesterday’s digi! :)



Outing to the mall

Me and Jim went to one of our big malls for a bit of an afternoon outing today. :) We found a little taco truck there (yes, in the mall), where Jim fell in love with these little tacos with coriander and chipotle in them. I really do love chipotle and coriander, but I have this big problem with pulled meat. I’ve had a problem with meat for quite a while, and I spent about a year being vegetarian because of it, but now I’m just sensitive. We were served lamb at work today, which has a very  “meaty” taste in my book, so the pulled chicken was a bit too much for one day :( But, nonetheless, the sauce and coriander was… awesome! Then we went around window shopping :) Lovely!

Today’s freebie is a nice hibiscus flower; one of my favourite flowers! :D



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Yule times are coming

I’m starting to really enjoy the whole yule season. It’s nice at work too; we’re starting to take out garlands and candles and stuff. :) Today I made a digistamp of a traditional Swedish (and probably also in the rest of Scandinavia) yuletide thing. This is the Christmas Goat! Having santa Claus coming with presents is quite new here, actually. As late as into the 50’s (or even 60’s, as far as I know), we had the Christmas Goat coming for a visit. :) Santa Claus has somewhat been mixed with the goat, and then eventually taken over. The goat is used in many decorative contexts, such as gingerbread cookies, straw statues and images. Not to mention the  humongous goat in Gävle that burns every year!

So, here’s a goat for you guys. :)



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Good moooorniiiing

Well, now it’s actually evening, and closing in on bedtime, but this morning was really nice. :) I spent it eating breakfast with Jim, taking it slow, and then off to work. Today’s freebie is inspired by that cozy, candlelit breakfast feeling one sometimes gets to have. I hope you guys do too!



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A new week has begun. This one will be full of work, including the fun job of starting to get our new workshop in order. :) There’s going to be a lot of carrying and heavy stuff going on, but I really like the job of getting it set up. Unfortunately we can’t start using it yet because there is no electricity there quite yet, but it’s for free, so it’s gonna be awesome. :) What are you guys doing this week?

Today’s freebie is this cute yule girl!



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Peppermint crisp chocolate

I’ve been seriously craving it for the past two weeks, probably due to my peppermint smelling candles on my desk. But it’s so goooooood! I don’t know if Fazer chocolate exists where you guys live, but it’s that brand that has this awesome peppermint crisp flavour. I wish Marabou also made it (I like their chocolate better), but they only have regular mint. There is indeed a difference! I do recommend it. What’s your favourite chocolate flavour? :D

Today’s freebie is inspired by the last one. This birdie also cannot fly, but it decided to use a more high tech solution. :)



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Coffee with a friend

Today I had a coffee with a friend of mine after work. It was really nice, I had this tiny little mudcake thing, but it wasn’t chocolate; it was a lime and coconut mudcake! Really fresh and nice. If you come across one, do taste it. I got to play a bit with her almost-1-year-old son as well. Wee! He’s so cute! :D Him and I were totally goofing off while she was in the bathroom.

Today’s freebie is also cute. He can’t fly. So he needs a balloon. Naturally.



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Installing a TV!

No, not for us. We just got rid of ours, hehe. A friend of ours, however, just bought a new fancy-pants, cool TV, and they needed help installing it. :) So Jim and I went over there to help. Jim did most of the work, though; I petted the dog and did the heavy lifting. Strong Annie is strong! We like helping out, the whole “pay it forward” idea is awesome. We did however receive an unexpectedly awesome reward of a surround sound system! They were giving it away anyway, so we got it. Yay! Now to find space for it. Remember, kids; pay it forward!

Today’s freebie is a fair lady. :D



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