There’s a movie coming up that I’m sooo excited about. It’s called “Pan” and is another the-untold-story, this time about Peter Pan. It’s got a rebellious little kid in it, and Hugh Jackman as the scariest, coolest and weirdest pirate ever. A must-see. Check the trailer here! Too bad I have to wait all until july to see it. :(

Apart from checking out upcoming movies, this week has been full of evening meetings and tired days. The company I work for is going through some changes, and therefor there’s a looooot to be done there (yes, by us), so I’ve been very busy, and am going to be very busy for the coming two or three weeks. Therefor, my beloved husband kindly took on the job of making some of this week’s freebies! I love him. :) So here you go, and have an awesome weekend!

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trunk jars





Finally friday

Yeah! Weekend! I love weekends. :D I’m not sure what we’ll do this weekend, other than having a friend over for dinner tomorrow. Perhaps we’ll try to fix the car which is half dead. What are you guys up to this weekend? =)

I’ve also started watching Downton Abbey. I was a bit anti watching it, because it seemed to hyped, and I hate that. But then I gave in, and love it! I’m a sucker for costume dramas, especially around the victorian era. This one’s a bit later, but still. I’m also usually not a person who likes romance and stuff in movies, but the romances in this series are so damned cute, and so damned sad, I just get stuck. You should watch it. :)

Here’s this week’s bunch of freebies! Have a great one, everyone. :)

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Friday candybag!

Hi! So, as you can see, friday is the day I have decided to give you five freebies at the same time. :) This week was the first week at work after vacation, and it was pretty good. Not all the kids are back yet from their vacations, so it’s quite calm at work. Apart from that, I haven’t done much except getting used to the regular sleep/wake hours again, which is more than a handful! I have this bad habit of going to bed really late during my vacations, and it’s really hard to change. I also started exercising properly, and next week I might start doing zumba. :D Has anyone of you ever tried that?

Here’s this week’s Friday Candybag of freebies. Have a nice one, people!

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scorpio threeskulls leavesrockycutie

New year, new Opal Manor

Hello and happy new year! I hope you all had a great night last night. Over here, we spent the time eating honey chicken, drinking good drinks, watching movies and looking at fireworks. :)

Exactly one year ago (well, plus a few hours by now) the new Opal Manor was launched, the way it looks today. It feels like yesterday, though, that me and Jim sat coding the last bits of html, css and php (yes, that’s geeky as heck). With fifteen minutes to go to midnight, we sat there going “Have you checked the bugs on this page?”, “Fix that button!” and “Why won’t this function work?!”. Then there was a moment of “… I’m done now” and “Yeah. Me too”. I can tell you, when you work with something intensively like we did, and then it’s just done, it’s a weird feeling. I can only imagine how it feels for those people who have projects spanning over years!

Anyway, now is another new year, and with it comes a bit of change to Opal Manor. What will happen is that instead of posting one new freebie every weekday, I’m going to post five freebies one day of the week. This is because it’s less work for me, and I’ve noticed a drop in newsletter subscribers, which I think is because it’s just not fun getting one every day. So, I will post five freebies one day a week. I don’t yet know which day it will be. I hope you guys like this new idea, I know I do. :)

Also, don’t forget I want droves of inspiration team members this year! There’s been just about no activity during 2014 (for different reasons) but I’d love to see some pulse going at Opal Manor! I’m looking for people who are creative in all kinds of ways, not just making cards. It could be drawing, making music, woodworking, anything. If you feel up for it, just mail me at :)

Take care, and stay creative!

Second vacation

Second vacation in two weeks! Amazing! Hehehe. For New Year’s eve tomorrow I’m going to try out this new recipe of panna cotta. If you don’t know what it is, find out and make it. It’s super simple and super good! And I do think it’s one of those that is good for sugar dieting people, because there’s only cream, gelatine and vanilla seeds in it. :) Anyway, this new one is made of cream and Ahlgren’s Bilar! Those of you who aren’t swedish won’t know what that is, but it’s a car shaped kind of candy, in three colours and tastes. What you do is you split up the different colours and make layers in a glass, it’s really cool. I’ll see if I can take a picture of it. :)

Today’s freebie is a shopping bag, because I love shopping. Yay!



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A short break from vacation

So yes, I’m spending two days working during the vacation. I guess it’s kind of nice, because it feels like “going on vacation” again when going home tomorrow, hehehe. Apart fom that, not much new has happened. I watched the Insurgent trailer yesterday and made happy jumps when I realized it’s only three months left for the release. :D Yay! I really love going to the movies.
I’ve also been listening like crazy to this song, which is a new favourite. It’s set on repeat at the moment. :) It’s best with high volume in headphones. What’s your favourite song at the moment?

Today’s freebie is a rather royal lion. Rawr!


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Sloooowww day

It’s one of those lay-in-bed-half-the-day days, mixed with a slow attempt to do some holiday sale shopping (one pair of pants and a scarf. Yay!), and dinner at my mother-in-law’s. Now I’m trying to find some good painting brushes, because I need new ones, and Jim is playing computer games. Vacation, my friends, vacation. ;D

Today’s freebie is the zodiac Capricorn, which I am to understand is the zodiac of this time period. Not that I believe in astrology myself, but they do make for nice stories and I always love looking up in the starry night sky, trying to find all the patterns, the planets and the satellites. :)



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Yule day

So today the rest of the world celebrates christmas/yule/hanukka/whatever. :) I hope you will all have a great day! Remember, don’t stress, take it easy, let go of all the silly expectations that you can easily feel on such a day. Just enjoy it. ;) We had a great time at mom’s yesterday. I didn’t feel at all up to eating traditional christmas food this year, and mom and her boyfriend must have heard my thoughts, because they added to the meal oven grilled vegetables with saddle of venison and this awesome red wine sauce. Add to that an omelette with chanterelle topping. Aaarrggghhhh so good! A very nice alternative to the regular christmas stuff. What do you guys prefer eating during the holidays? =)

Today’s freebie is a bit christmas inspired, but can certainly be used in other places. :) A couple of pine cones with some fir needles.




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Merry Yule!

Merry yule, christmas, holidays, hanukka, midwinter solstice, whatever you celebrate!

I’m soon off to my mother with Jim. :) Just figured I would post you a freebie before that. I want to be out in good time, so here’s one for Saint Patrick’s Day! Hehehehe.



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I also want to show off this work of art that Jim made yesterday. :) It’s a gift for his mother. He is quite artistic, but won’t admit it, so I have to kind of push his confidence in the area. I convinced him I could teach him to make a cool, slightly abstract tree, and here it is! The owl was his own initiative, and it turned out quite beautiful. :)



I hope all of you have a great holiday!

A long rest

Hello! I told you I’d be back. :)

After two weeks of trying to finish off the last of the term at work while still remaining calm, I now feel ready to start making freebies again. :) Apart from a slight cold, I’m feeling rather good.

A couple of days ago we went to see the last of the Hobbit movies. Aaaawwwwggggghhhh it was so good, and aaaarrrrgggh I can’t believe it’s over! Not just the Hobbit movies, but Peter Jackson says he’s not going to make any more Middle Earth movies. :( Which is why he had Billy Boyd make an end credit song for this movie, it’s called “The Last Goodbye” and it makes me want to cry every time. Bwah! Do you guys like Tolkien and the Middle Earth movies? :)

Also, in Sweden we celebrate yule on the 24th, which means there’s only tomorrow left before the big day. I get christmas one day earlier than the rest of the world, mwehehehe. ;) Gifts are pretty much ready, I’m going to roll some meatballs tomorrow to bring to the party, and Jim has a surprise that he’s going to make. :D It’ll be very very nice. What are you guys doing for christmas?

Today’s freebie is a New Year inspired one though, enough with the christmassy things! :)



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