Yay! Short vacation time!


Today’s the last day of work before my short Easter weekend. Awesome stuff! We’re having the Easter Lady visiting the kids at work today, should be lots of fun. :) I don’t know if you call it the Easter Lady in english, but it’s like a witch that comes along at Easter, people dress up as her, asking for candy and stuff. This time, the Lady will bring candy (or in our case, popcorn. Don’t want no sugar rush) to the kids. :)

Today’s freebie is a circus tent.  :D

Stay creative!

circustent~Click the image to go to the download page!~

Easter is coming


I like easter, it always gives such summery feelings. :) And I also like eggs! What are you guys doing for easter?

Today’s freebie is a key. What does it open? Make a card about it and post in our forum! :D Also, don’t forget to check out our support page. Every donation means a lot! :)

Stay creative!

key~Click the image to go to the download page!~

Oops, gotta run!


Yep, I gotta run. But here’s today’s freebie! Matching the whole “time running out” thing. ;) But the sun is out, and I think it’ll be a nice day!

Stay creative!

hourglass~Click the image to go to the download page!~

Orange is the new black


I’ve found another series to put in my list of favourites. “Orange is the new black” is awesome! It’s funny, different, with a good, emotional story. Only available on Netflix though, so if you want to see it, you have to get Netflix. :) Good for more things though!

This weekend has been absolutely full. I don’t want to give away too much until we’re done, but we’ve been hard at work. There will be pictures! ;) So unfortunately, I haven’t been able to provide you guys with freebies. :( However, this is a new week, and here’s today’s freebie!

Stay creative!

strong~Click the image to go to the download page!~

Cakes for breakfast

Aah, yiiiiisss. Cakes for breakfast. Our lovely neighbour’s wife baked some yesterday, and came over with them. Fortunately, they weren’t very sweetened, so I don’t feel very bad about eating them for breakfast. ;)

Here comes weekend! Full of stuff, as usual, politics, hanging out with friends, taking it easy… What are you guys going to do? :)

Today’s freebie is a little puppy. Look at those puppy eyes. How can you resist?

Stay creative!

puppy~Click the image to go to the download page!~

Gabriel Iglesias is awesome


I’m watching Gabriel Iglesias standup, while having breakfast and drawing. He’s so awesome! Especially his show “Aloha Fluffy”. It’s available on Netflix if you’re interested. :) I really love standup comedy, my absolute favourite has always been Eddie Izzard. I don’t think he’s available on Netflix, though, but you could check out some clips on Youtube. :)

I’m once again going to remind you guys of our support page. :) Every donation helps me continue making lots of stuff for you guys!

Today’s freebie is a background part for a card or scrapbook page. It’s a curtain, that you can put in a corner, for the more… theatrical look, hehe.

Stay creative!

curtain~Click the image to go to the download page!~

Breaking stuff, mwuahahah


Yesterday we started pulling off the floor ledges in our bedroom. It was like crack, boom, snap, crackle, boom! Which I found entertaining. Then we went to check out new ledges, and get some chemical you use to take down wallpaper. Soon, painting will commence! :D

Today’s freebie is a cute little set of sheet music. :)

Stay creative!

notes~Click the image to go to the download page!~

Rain and… seagulls?

Good morning!

This morning started with the sound of rain and, yes, seagulls. What an odd combo. It also started with my trying to bake bread. That went… ok. I think. I haven’t eaten it yet, so I guess we’ll see. :/ At least it smells good!

Today’s freebie was inspired by a science show we watched yesterday, that was about comets. :) This isn’t a comet, but it does have a tail. ;)

Stay creative!

star~Click the image to go to the download page!~

Remodelling the apartement, no time!

Today we’ve been crazy busy doing remodelling work on our home. We began by completely tearing down our old bed, which was awesome. It is now in a million pieces, some of which we’re going to use to build a shelf, some of which are already in the trash, or will be tomorrow. We went to the hardware store to buy paint and floorboards and a bunch of other stuff. When we came home I did some cleaning in the room (it was full of sawdust from the bed), then we had dinner, and now here I am. In other words, I haven’t had time to make a freebie today! :( But don’t despair, for there will be one tomorrow, early in the morning. :)

I hope you guys have had an awesome weekend, and that you will have an awesome monday tomorrow!

Stay creative!